The Aerospace Laboratory for Plasma Experiments (ALPE) invesitgates plasma for space propulsion, evnironmental concerns, and enhanced manufacturing. We design plasma experiments and diagnostic devices for measuring plasma properties. We have modeling capabilities to simulate plasma devices, ionization, and decomposition. The Western Michigan University student group WALI (Western Aerospace Launch Initiative) is affiliated with ALPE, and we strive to work together to build a small satellite to be used for on orbit plasma diagnostice of electric propulsion systems

Laboratory Mission:

The goals of ALPE's experimental and theoretical research program are to:

  1.  Build physical and non-intrusive plasma diagnostic tools to further the understanding of plasma

     phenomena and physics.

  2.  Work with the student group at WMU, WALI, to build satellites 

  3.  Understand basic plasma physics

  4.  Research electric propulsion devices, methods, propellants, and spacecraft integration


  5.  Identify future directions for plasma research and applications, and lead the discovery process.

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